Fourays Magazine


Fourays is the journal of the Australian Army Aviation Association, Inc., a non profit, volunteer organisation that promotes the interests of the Australian Army aviation capability. Membership of the Association is drawn from serving and former members of Army aviation and includes aircrew, maintenance, logistic and medical support personnel.

The first edition of Fourays was published in March 1995 under the editorship of Ron Smith.  It was a black and white publication that contained informative and interesting articles and photos from the very early days of Army Aviation in Australia.  Fourays continued for a number of years, but by the early 2000's was struggling.

Between 2003 and 2011, the format of Fourays moved up to a full colour, glossy magazine with two editions in Autumn and Spring every year.  The magazine was funded from the advertising carried, mostly from companies in the defense and aerospace industry sector.  Sadly, that revenue stream dried up completely with the onset of the Global Financial Crisis and publication ceased.

But you can't keep a good magazine down; thanks to the perseverance of our Treasurer, Fourays is back!  This time the magazine will be only available for download from the website.  While the format will take some time to evolve, the content will continue to be a mix of stories and articles from the past and present of Army Aviation in Australia and around the world.  As in the past we seek to have input from our members who no doubt have a wealth of stories, anecdotes and perspectives, so get out the old logbooks and diaries and let us hear from you.

Our first edition in the new format is focussed on the efforts of 161 (Independent) Recce Squadron who first deployed to Vietnam fifty years ago this year.