Queen’s Birthday awards

The Queen’s Birthday Honours and Awards list 2010 contains a bumper crop of recipients with no fewer than six members of the Australian Army aviation community being recognised in both the civil and military lists.

To all the recipients the Australian Army Aviation Association extends our warmest congratulations on the awards and our deep appreciation for the work done in maintaining Army aviation history, improving the lot of our ex-servicemen and women, and maintaining our current Army aviation capability at such a high standard.


honours and awards

It is our intention to build up this section of our website to recognise all those Army aviators who, since the rebirth of modern Army aviation after World War II, have over time been recognised in national or international Honours and Awards. This will be a major effort as there have been quite a few and with every passing Australia Day and Queens Birthday the list keeps growing.  This will take time and we will be seeking the co-operation of those who have received honours and awards to assist us to compile the pages.

In the meantime we will commence with the immediate past recipients from Queens Birthday 2010.